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24th of September 2015
MALT-45: A 7-mm survey of the Southern Galaxy
by Chris Jordan (University of Tasmanina)
This image is derived from follow-up observations of class I methanol masers found by the MALT-45 survey. Using the ATCA to provide high-resolution positions of these masers, we can accurately compare these masers with other star-forming species. The G331.279-0.189 region, one of many observed, features a class II methanol, water and hydroxyl maser in very close proximity (red, blue and yellow symbols, respectively). The white symbols are the class I methanol masers detected by these observations, and can be seen covering a wide area, especially relative to the other masers. The background image is made of three Spitzer GLIMPSE infrared bands, in 8.0, 4.5 and 3.6 microns. The extended "green" emission highlights shocked hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which corresponds well with the class I methanol masers. Dark filaments can be seen coalescing into the green emission, coincident with location of the other masers. This is a beautiful example of high-mass star formation.

Chris Jordan just submitted his PhD Thesis :)

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