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30th of May 2015
Solar radiometer at Potts Hill
This shows a 1-m diameter equatorially-mounted, motor-driven parabolic antenna at the Potts Hill field station first built to observe the 1948 November 1 partial solar eclipse at 10cm. In front of the prime focus of the antenna is a 0.25 wavelength plate used to convert linear polarised waves to circularly polarized. This antenna has a beamwidth of 6 degrees. - (Image caption provided by Wayne Orchiston, Miller Goss and Jessica Chapman.)

Piddington, J.H., Hindman, J.V. 1949, Australian Journal of Scientific Research 2(4), 524 - 538: "Solar Radiation at a Wavelength of 10 Centimetres including Eclipse Observations"

Image Credit: CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive.

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