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31st of January 2015
ASKAP Highlights - 50 sq degr Tucana image
by Ian Heywood (CASS) and ASKAP team
This image shows fifty square degrees of sky in the constellation of Tucana, as seen by the ASKAP prototype BETA at 711 - 1015 MHz. The image was produced as part of the BETA commissioning in order to demonstrate the use of the interleaving technique to achieve uniform sensitivity over a large sky area. The beams are arranged in a 3 x 3 square configuration, separated by 1.46 degrees, and during each observation the array nods between two pointing positions. A pair of interleaved positions, four pointings in total, were used to form the above image, using approximately 50 hours of telescope time. The image reaches a (1-sigma) depth of 0.5 mJy, and contains about 2300 sources above 5-sigma. Keep checking the Daily Image to see the bigger and better successor to this observation!

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