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3nd of May 2016
Vela pulsar timing over 21 years
by Simon Johnston (CASS)
Shannon et al. (2016) present observations of the Vela pulsar over a period of 21 years during which time the pulsar has rotated nearly than 7.5 billion times. They study the 8 glitches of the pulsar which have occurred over this timespan and comment on the recovery from the glitches. - Reference: Shannon, R.M.; Lentati, L.T.; Kerr, M.; Johnston, S.; Hobbs, G.; Manchester, R.N. 2016, MNRAS, in press.

Image caption: The Vela supernova remnant in the optical as imaged by David Malin with the AAT. Timing residuals from 21 years of observations of the pulsar - bottom panel shows the final white solution after all the parameters have been accounted for.

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