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10th of February 2016
The Parkes HI Zone of Avoidance Survey
by Anja Schröder (SAAO)
A blind HI survey of the extragalactic sky behind the southern Milky Way has been conducted with the multibeam receiver on the 64-m Parkes radio telescope. The survey covers the Galactic longitude range 212 degr < l < 36 degr and Galactic latitudes |b| < 5 degr to an rms sensitivity of 6 mJy per beam per 27 km/s channel, and yields 883 galaxies to a recessional velocity of 12,000 km/s (Staveley-Smith et al. 2016). The survey covers the sky within the HI Parkes All-Sky Survey (HIPASS) area to greater sensitivity, finding lower HI-mass galaxies at all distances, and probing more completely the large-scale structures at and beyond the distance of the Great Attractor.

The image above - made by PhD student Khaled Said - shows the HI detections on the dust map (top) and on the continuum map (bottom; Calabretta et al. 2014), proving that the Parkes HI Zone of Avoidance Survey (HIZOA) is not affected by dust and only little by continuum emission in the foreground.

Reference: Staveley-Smith, Kraan-Korteweg, Schröder, Henning, Koribalski, Stewart and Heald 2016, AJ 151, 52

Press Release: "Scientists discover hidden galaxies behind the Milky Way", CSIRO blog: Hidden galaxies, a Great Attractor and other wonders of the Zone of Avoidance, Scitech: Playing hide and seek with the Great Attractor", Science News:Australian astronomers have spotted a cluster of galaxies being pulled in by a mysterious force

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