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10th of May 2016
The remarkably tight HI size-mass relation of galaxies
by Jing Wang (CASS)
This paper (Wang et al. 2016) is recently accepted for publication at MNRAS. It builds a beautiful sample of HI interferometry data for over 500 nearby galaxies and revisits the HI size-mass relation of galaxies that has been known for nearly two decades. The innovation of the paper is that it shows that there is no change in slope and scatter of the relations between dwarf and massive galaxies. The authors pointed out that this is not easily understandable, as the two types of galaxies should have different atomic-to-molecular gas conversion efficiencies.

The relation also has practical applications, including predicting HI disk size distribution based on HI mass from single dish HI surveys or HI mass of unresolved galaxies in low resolution interferometry surveys.

Reference: Wang, J.; Koribalski, B.S.; Serra, S.; van der Hulst, T.; Roychowdhury, S.; Kamphuis, P.; and Chengalur, J.N. 2016, MNRAS, accepted

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