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12th of April 2016
The evolution of the galaxy mass-metallicity relation
by Xu Kong (Department of Astronomy, University of Science and Technology of China)
Abstract. The relationship between the metallicity (Z) and stellar mass (M) of galaxies is a key diagnostic of the physical processes that shape their evolution. The MZ relations at different redshift have been extensively explored. However, most of the work has focused on massive galaxies. In this talk, our speaker will focus on the MZ relation of low-mass blue compact dwarf galaxies and Lyman break analogs. The speaker will report a project with spectroscopic observations of star formation regions of 20 nearby galaxies with the NAOC 2.16 m telescope and the 6.5 m MMT (Multiple Mirror Telescope) also.

The above figure shows the RGB Image of M33, enhanced with H-alpha (Left) and map of the H II regions overlaid on an H-alpha image of M33 (Right). The big green circle shows the FOV of the Hectospec/MMT, while the purple square shows the central part of M33. The small circles represent our observed targets (H II regions).

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