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12th of August 2016
ASKAP-12 single-beam image
by Wasim Raja (CASS)
On the weekend of July 30th, Max and Aidan made observations of our favourite calibrator field (B1934-638) for a long 11 hours with all 12 ADE antennas functional for the entire duration of the observation. The data quality is impressive and 1 MHz channel images show rms noise to within about 1.5-2 times that expected.

The exercise is an encouraging demonstration of the full ASKAP array with 12 antennas, albeit with reduced specs (48 MHz and a single beam). This data has also for the first time been ingested from the Pawsey centre as will be the case for Early Science and beyond. Earlier, the correlated data were processed and re-arranged into astronomer-friendly measurement sets using processing (ingestion) done at the MRO. Busy times ahead. Stay tuned ..."

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