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13th of December 2016
Another Vela pulsar glitch
Just announced via the Astronomer's Telesgram, the Vela Pulsar has glitched again: Glitch observed in the Vela Pulsar (PSR J0835-4510) (by Jim Palfreyman, University of Tasmania). The glitch occured between 2016 Dec 12 11:31 and 11:46 UT (~MJD 57734,48).

More information: Vela Pulsar's `glitching' found to affect pulse width (by Chuck Bednar; 10 Feb 2016). The Vela Pulsar, a highly magnetized, spinning, radiation-emitting neutron star that experiences several "micro-glitches" each year, changes its pulse width over time - especially following one of those frequency shifts, researchers from the University of Tasmania have discovered.

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