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13th of September 2016
ATCA Legacy Projects
by Phil Edwards (CASS)
Eleven ATCA Legacy Projects were considered by an international Time Assignment Committee (TAC) in early August. The TAC recommended two projects be given the highest priority:

  • C3132: GAMA Legacy ATCA Southern Survey (GLASS): A Legacy 4cm Survey of the GAMA G23 Field
  • C3157: Deep Imaging of the Circum-galactic Medium with ATCA.
The TAC also recommended that two further projects be supported at a lower priority:
  • C3145: Dense Gas Across the Milky Way - The `Full-Strength' MALT45
  • C3152: A Comprehensive ATCA Census of High-Mass Cores.
C3132 and C3157 will be allocated time in 2016OCT, with the intention to start scheduling C3145 and C3152 in 2017APR based on a favourable funding profile. A future call for ATCA Legacy Projects may be made as these projects near completion. - More information: ATCA schedule, release notes, and summary.

The figure above illustrates the proposed observing strategy for the C3132 Legacy Project. The underlying image is an optical z-band image of a 1.2 square degree region of the GAMA G23 field, showing the hexagonal layout of the planned ATCA mosaicing strategy. Crosses mark the ATCA pointings and red circles give an indication of the beam size at 5.5 GHz. (Image supplied by Minh Huynh, PI of C3132.)

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