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14th of September 2016
ASKAP 36-beam image of NGC 7232 field
by Juan Madrid (CASS)
The image above is an ASKAP continuum image of the NGC 7232 WALLABY Early Science field taken with 12 antennas, forming 36 beams, and a bandwidth of 48 MHz centered at 1400 MHz. The processing of this 21-cm continuum image was done with ASKAPsoft running on the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth. This preliminary data reduction already shows the remarkable capabilities of ASKAP, namely, very large field of view and excellent sensitivity. A zoom on a small region of the field (green square) shows that a large number of sources are detected. This image also shows that the data reduction pipeline is appropriately handling the complex processing of ASKAP data.

Special thanks to: Matthew Whiting, Joshua Marvil, Karen Lee-Waddell and many others (ACES, ASKAP computing team, ASKAP engineering team, WALLABY/DINGO data processing working group).

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