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16th of April 2016
First ASKAP 36-beam image !
by the ASKAP team (CASS)
This radio image of a region in the constellation of Apus was made with nine ASKAP antennas, each of which was equipped with a second-generation Phased-Array Feed (PAF). The PAFs were configured with 36 dual-polarisation beams arranged in a square pattern and rotated on the sky. The 9-antenna ASKAP array observed a single field for 11 hours with 48 MHz of bandwidth centered at 939.5 MHz. This continuum image, which was produced with ASKAPsoft, has an r.m.s of around 300 μJy/beam and a field of view of 30 square degrees. It contains over 1300 sources. - Image credit: Wasim Raja.

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