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19th of January 2016
An Empirical Relation Between The Large-Scale Magnetic Field And The Dynamical Mass In Galaxies
by Fatemeh Tabatabaei (IAC, Spain)
Abstract. The origin and evolution of cosmic magnetic fields as well as the influence of the magnetic fields on the evolution of galaxies are unknown. Though not without challenges, the dynamo theory can explain the large-scale coherent magnetic fields which govern galaxies, but observational evidence for the theory is so far very scarce. Putting together the available data of non-interacting, non-cluster galaxies with known large-scale magnetic fields, Tabatabei et al. (2016) find a tight correlation between the integrated polarized flux density and the rotation speed, v(rot), of galaxies.

Reference: Tabatabaei, Martinsson, Knapen, Beckman, Koribalski, and Elmegreen 2016, ApJ Letters, in press

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