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20th of May 2016
View from The Dish
by John Tuthill (CASS)
Daniel, Mia and John took these photos from the Parkes Dish while on an amazing tour of the instrument which was very generously provided by Parkes Senior Technical Officer, Tim Ruckley. The left-hand image is of Daniel harnessed-in and descending the support leg ladder from the focus cabin, and on the right is a view out over the rim of the 64m Dish to the Patriot 12m ASKAP prototype antenna and the cultivated fields in the distance on a perfect autumn day (note the textbook clouds). Mia, Daniel and John were at Parkes to do some emergency electronics hardware/firmware support for the Max Planck Institute Phased Array Feed (PAF) system which is being commissioned there before final transportation to the Effelsberg 100m antenna in the North Rhine region of Germany.

Photo credit: Daniel George, Mia Baquiran, and John Tuthill.

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