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22nd of February 2016
Solar grating interferometer at Potts Hill
Photo by Rodney D. Davies (Jodrell Bank)
This picture taken by Rod in 1953 is the 32 dish solar grating interferometer which was used by Christiansen to compute, for the first time, a 2D earth rotation aperture synthesis image. For more details, read the Recollections of two and a half years with `Chris' Christiansen by Davies (2009), published in the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage, and Radio Astronomy at Potts Hill. Rod Davies spend the period Feb 1951 to Aug 1953 in Christiansen's group at CSIRO Radiophysics in Sydney and at the Potts Hill field station, where Rod made his first pioneering 21cm H-line observations and entered a field of research that dominated much of his later career at Jodrell Bank.". Sadly, Rod Davies passed away in Nov 2015 (obituary for Rod by Simon Garrington). - Text thanks to Ron Ekers (CASS).

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