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22nd of November 2016
Annual Bolton and Student Symposium
by Craig Anderson (CASS)
John Gatenby Bolton FRS (5 June 1922 - 6 July 1993) was a British-Australian astronomer. He was a pioneer in the area of radio astronomy, and played a important roles in mapping the structure of our galaxy, and in identifying radio sources outside our galaxy which are now known as radio galaxies. John also oversaw the construction of the Parkes dish, which went on to play a key role in the discovery of quasars --- among the most distant and luminous objects known, among other more recent discoveries.

Today, CSIRO honours John Bolton with by hosting the annual Bolton and Student Symposium (BSS), where top researchers and students from around Australia and abroad get together to discuss the recent scientific developments. The 2016 BSS is being held in the Australian Resources Research Centre in Perth Australia, and will host around 40 talks from different scientists.

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