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27th of April 2016
ATNF Colloquium
Fast Radio Bursts & SUPERB
by Evan Keane (SKA Office)
Abstract. In this talk I will summarise the many developments that have occurred in fast radio burst (FRB) science in the last year. I will describe the SUPERB survey and its latest discoveries of FRBs and pulsars. I will review the current status of the global FRB search effort and their abilities to localise and follow-up events, as well as looking forward to the prospects over the coming few years, where progress in this exciting field is expected to be ever more rapid.

Figure caption: Arrival time of FRB 150418 as a function of observing frequency. The delay from high to low frequency allows the dispersion measure to be determined and is an indication of the distance to the FRB. The inset shows the integrated profile after correcting for the dispersion. A hint of linear polarization is seen. - For details see the Keane et al. (2016) Nature paper.

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