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30th of August 2016
Tribute to Bruce Slee
by Ron Ekers (CASS)
In 1978 Bruce Slee was the first to investigate the diffuse radio sources in galaxy clusters. These are now known as the "relic radio sources" and this has become a big aspect of the study of radio emission from clusters of galaxies. An example is the highly cited research is this paper on "Four Extreme Relic Radio Sources in Clusters of Galaxies" by Slee, Roy, Murgia, Andernach & Ehle (2001, AJ 122, 1172). Here Slee et al. describe the results of the highest-resolution radio observations yet made of four relic radio sources in the Abell clusters A13, A85, A133, and A4038 using the Very Large Array. The 1.4 GHz images shown above (with 4" resolution and a noise level of 20 μJy/beam) show a remarkable variety of fine structure in the form of spectacular arcs, wisps, plumes, and loops.

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