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30th of September 2016
ASKAP-12 hydrogen maps of the galaxy IC 5201
by the ASKAP team
The ASKAP HI spectral-line data processing working group (led by Karen Lee-Waddell, CASS, and Attila Popping, UWA) together with the ASKAP engineers, the ASKAP computing group and the ASKAP commissioning team have been diligently working on new 36-beam ASKAP 21-cm observations. Preliminary HI moment maps the of the nearby spiral galaxy IC 5201, detected in beam 9, are shown above. The observations (~12 hours) were obtained with twelve PAF-equipped ASKAP antennas, 36 beams (FOV = 30 sq deg) and 48 MHz bandwidth with a resolution of ~50 arcsec and 4 km/s.

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