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8th of November 2017
SOFIA 1.1 release - HI Source Finding
by Tobias Westmeier (UWA)
The SoFiA team is pleased to announce the release of SoFiA 1.1, the latest stable version of the HI Source Finding Application, which is now available for download at https://github.com/SoFiA-Admin/SoFiA/releases/tag/v1.1.0.

The new SoFiA release introduces a few new features and comes with a large number of improvements and bug fixes. The most notable new features include better handling of reliability calculation, the option to discard negative signals, and a new image viewer built into the GUI that allows output data products from SoFiA to be inspected in situ.

In addition, a large number of bugs has been fixed, including the handling of cubelets, moment maps and 4-D FITS cubes, and the removal of two errors in the linker module. Other changes include the ability to compile SoFiA with the Clang compiler, dropping the GSL dependency while adding a dependency on zlib, and the requirement of Python 2.7 to run SoFiA.

More information about the software, including installation instructions, a basic tutorial and a small test data set, is available from the SoFiA wiki on GitHub.

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