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12th of October 2017
Radio Astronomy at Dover Heights
by Wasim Raja (CASS)
Rodney Reserve, on the cliff tops at Dover Heights in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, was one of the most remarkable and important astronomical sites in New South Wales. The photograph above shows the now fading old plaque placed by ATNF in 1989. The plaque shows the 12-element Yagi which replaced the previous 1951 8-element Yagi antenna. The identification of the bright radio sources Taurus A, Cen A, and Virgo A was made in 1949 with an even earlier (but less photogenic) antenna. A replica of the 8-element Yagi antenna used in 1951 was installed on the cliff top next to the original mount in 2003. For more information go to Radio Astronomy at Dover Heights.

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