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13th of July 2017
The Murchison Widefield Array
by Kurt Warhurst (CASS)
The Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) consists of 2048 dual-polarization dipole antennas, arranged in 128 "tiles", each a 4x4 array of dipoles. The dipoles are sensitive to radio waves in the 80--300 MHz frequency range. The array has no moving parts, and all telescope functions, including pointing, are performed by electronic manipulation of dipole signals. In Phase I of the Array, the majority (112) of the 128 tiles are scattered across a core region about 1.5 km in diameter, with the others placed at locations outside the core, yielding baseline distances of about 3 km to allow higher angular resolution observations. The array is currently being expanded for Phase II, which will double the number of antennas, and double the maximum baseline length to about 6km.

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