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16th of August 2017
Stars lose memory about the HI gas
by Jing Wang (KIAA)
The Local Volume HI Survey (LVHIS) team has recently finished a paper (arXiv:1708.02744) studying the star formation rate (SFR)-HI relations in galaxies. The lack of correlation between HI and SFR was well established by studies that investigate kpc-scale regions in the inner parts of galaxies, but correlations appeared to revive on the global scales and in the outskirts of galaxies. This paper makes use of the 82 LVHIS galaxies observed at ATCA, and coherently studies the SFR-HI relations in these different regions. They find that those apparent correlations are caused by both parameters dependent on a third parameter, and are intrinsically weak. Although HI is the raw material for forming stars, many factors (e.g. metallicity, magnetic fields, turbulence) and complex physical processes have affected the formation, and as a result the formed stars have lost most of the memories about the HI gas.

Reference: Jing Wang et al. 2017, MNRAS, in press

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