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17th of August 2017
Messier 83 - the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
by Juan Madrid (CASS)
Messier 83 is perhaps one of the most beautiful galaxies for which ASKAP has obtained Early Science Data. M83 is known as the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy for its striking spiral arms. The above image was made combining ASKAP radio (green), HST optical (red) and GALEX ultraviolet (blue) data. The ASKAP data traces the spiral arms of M83 remarkably well. The radio data shows that the spiral arms extend beyond the outer most edges of the optical and ultraviolet emission. The ASKAP data was obtained as part of the WALLABY Early Science on December 31st 2016 using 10 antennas and a bandwidth of 192 MHz centered at 1344.5 MHz. The ASKAP image was processed running ASKAPSoft at the Pawsey Centre.
Image Credit: Juan Madrid, Karen Lee-Waddell and the WALLABY data processing team

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