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17th of July 2017
Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting
by Jimi Green (CASS)
The 13th Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting (APRIM) was held in Taiwan in the first week of July. Asian-Pacific Regional IAU Meetings are authorized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) with the aim to promote scientific activity and collaboration in the Asian-Pacific region. Previous APRIMs were held in Daejeon, Korea (2014), Chiang Mai, Thailand (2011), Kunming, China (2008), Bali, Indonesia (2005), Tokyo, Japan (2002), Pusan, Korea (1996), Pune, India (1993), Sydney, Australia (1990), Beijing, China (1987), Kyoto, Japan (1984), Bandung, Indonesia (1981), and Wellington, New Zealand (1978). The image above shows George Hobbs (CASS) with an interested audience participating in a PULSE@Parkes session held during the meeting. Further details of the meeting can be obtained from the APRIM 2017 web site.

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