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21st of December 2017
Our top telescope tech travels FAST
To be scientifically competitive, radio telescopes must have the latest technology to detect, process and analyse the incoming radio waves. CSIRO has been developing specialised instrumentation for radio telescopes since the 1940s, when the field of radio astronomy first emerged. The 21-cm survey speed of the 64-m Parkes radio telescope, for instance, was dramatically enhanced by the addition of an innovative 13-beam receiver system which was used carry out some of the largest pulsar and hydrogen sky surveys.

The 19-beam receiver for FAST was completed and tested in our Sydney laboratory earlier this year, and delivered to the telescope site this month. We expect that it will be installed on the telescope in early 2018.

The figure shows the 19-beam receiver for FAST being tested at our lab in Sydney before being shipped to its new home in China. - The full article can be found on the CSIRO Blog.

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