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21st of February 2017
WALLABY Early Science
by Karen Lee-Waddell (CASS)
Here we show a preliminary ASKAP 21-cm radio continuum map of the 30 square degree field targeting the M83 galaxy group, obtained as part of WALLABY Early Science. The observations were taken on 31 Dec 2016 and the maps were made using the ASKAP Science Data Processor software, ASKAPsoft, which is an automated pipeline running on the Pawsey Supercomputing system.

The central map shows the fully mosaicked 30 square degree field of view that was simultaneously observed with 36 beams. The outer boxes highlight some of the key features detectable after ~10 hours of observations with 10 ASKAP antennas, 192 MHz bandwidth, and a 42" x 17" synthesized beam. The structural detail distinguishable in these map clearly demonstrate the capability and science potential of ASKAP. According to NED the field contains ~1900 catalogued NVSS sources to a peak flux of ~2.5 mJy/beam, ~140 of which have redshifts. The approx. rms noise in our current image is 0.1 mJy. This field contains 28 HIPASS sources.

Acknowledgments: ASKAP Early Science and the ability to process these observations have been made possible through ongoing efforts from engineers, software designers, and scientists in CASS, ACES (ASKAP Commissioning & Early Science team), and the WALLABY Survey Science team.

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