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21st of November 2017
Probing The Local Environment of the Supernova Remnant HESS J1731-347 with CO and CS Observations
by Nigel I Maxted (UNSW)
HESS J1731-347 is shell-type supernova remnant seen in TeV γ-rays, and is a potential accelerator of cosmic ray protons. Mopra CO(1-0) data may trace molecular gas associated with the supernova remnant, which may also be involved in γ-ray production. We derive a distance of ~3.2 kpc to the supernova remnant by comparing gas observations with X-ray absorption, and investigate the ISM structure at this distance.

Figure captions: - Left - A plot of Mopra CO(1-0) emission as a function of line of sight velocity and Galactic Longitude. Blue and pink dotted lines indicate the longitudinal extent of HESS J1731-347 (supernova remnant) and HESS J1729-345 (unidentified γ-ray source), respectively. - Right - Velocity-integrated CO(1-0) emission for three velocity-range slices corresponding to a kinematic distance of ~3.2 kpc, the distance for the supernova remnant derived in our analysis.

Reference: N. Maxted, M. Burton, C. Braiding, G. Rowell, H. Sano, F. Voisin, M. Capasso, G. Pühlhofer, and Y. Fukui, MNRAS, in press (astro-ph:1710.06101).

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