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22nd of November 2017
First fringes with the ASKAP voltage capture mode
by Keith Bannister (CASS)
ASKAP has a voltage capture capability that is designed to be used to localise Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs). Each antenna can store up to 12 seconds of data for 36 dual-polarisation beams in a ring buffer. The ring buffer can be stopped and downloaded when an FRB is detected using a real-time detection pipeline. Here we triggered the download manually while ASKAP antennas 8 and 9 where observing the radio source Virgo A. The plots show the results of correlating data from a single 1 MHz channel, using 128 sub-channels. Panel A: Phase (colour) vs time (y axis) and channel (x axis). The drift is because the data are not fringe stopped. Panel B, C: section of the time series from each antenna. Panel D: Auto and cross correlation amplitudes vs sub-channel. Panel E: Cross correlation phase vs sub channel. F: Lag spectrum.

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