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23rd of November 2017
ASKAP Phased Array Feed roll-out complete
by Adrian Rispler (CASS)
On Tuesday 21st November, our 36th PAF was installed on AK #29 marking the completion of installation of all receivers for ASKAP-36! Earlier this month, our last PAF (PAF # 40 – our second spare PAF), passed functional and EMI testing signifying the end of the PAF production testing at Marsfield. By the end of the month we will also be shipping the Jodrell Bank PAF to UK to complete our contract with Jodrell Bank Observatory (after having completed our Max Plank Institute contract in 2016). All of these milestones are very significant not just for all of the team members who have worked very hard for a number of years to bring this to fruition, but I am sure also for all of CASS and for its stakeholders awaiting this momentous occasion for some time.

There is no better way to finish off 2017. - Thanks again and Happy 36th!

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