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25th of October 2017
ATNF Colloquium
WALLABY Early Science - Results and brick walls
by Dane Kleiner (CASS)
Abstract. WALLABY is the main extragalactic, wide-field HI survey that will be observed with ASKAP. Its primary aim is to examine the HI properties and large-scale distribution of up to 500'000 galaxies out to a redshift of z=0.26. I will present the progress of WALLABY early science including: preliminary results and obstacles we have encountered. My focus has been on processing observations of the NGC 7232 and M83 early science fields as well as improving the ASKAPsoft pipeline. I will present the HI images of the nearby spiral galaxy IC 5201, where combining multi-epoch observations have revealed detections of two dwarf satellite galaxies. Finally, I will give an overview of the ASKAPsoft pipeline, highlighting the improvements needed for WALLABY science.

Image caption: HI intensity map of the spiral galaxy IC 5201 and two neigbouring dwarf galaxies mapped as part of WALLABY Early Science (13 nights combined using ASKAPsoft!) with the ASKAP-12 array, which consists of 12 PAF-equipped antennas. - Credit: D. Kleiner, B. Koribalski, and the WALLABY data processing team.

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