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26th of April 2017
ATNF Colloquium
Supernovae and their remnants
by Denis Leahy (University of Calgary)
Abstract. Supernovae create and disperse heavy elements throughout the Galaxy and into the intergalactic medium. They are also the main source of energy for motions in the interstellar medium, and are somewhat responsible for the complex structure of the interstellar medium. The process of a supernova, and the way it becomes a supernova remnant are outlined. Observations in X-rays, radio, infrared and optical bands have led to our current understanding of supernova remnants. Current work is focused on measuring physical parameters of the explosion and interstellar medium by analyzing supernova remnant observations.

Picture Credit: NASA/CXC - Chandra images of 15 different supernova remnants. Top row (from left): IC 443, 3C58, Tycho, Crab Nebula, Sgr A East; Middle row (from left): DEM L71, B1509, PSR 0540-69, G292, G54; Bottom row (from left): E0102, Cas A, N132D, G21.5 & G11.

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