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30th of June 2017
50th Anniversary of the "Our World" Broadcast
by John Sarkissian (CASS)
This week marked the 50th anniversary of the historic “Our World” broadcast. It was viewed live in 31 countries with an estimated audience of 400 million, a record number at the time. Broadcasters from 14 countries were involved, all connected through a global network of four communications satellites – the first international satellite programme. The broadcast ended with three memorable segments; the Beatles recording "All You Need Is Love", at the Abbey Road Studios, London, followed by a cross to the Apollo 4 launch preparations at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida (for the first ever launch of a Saturn V in November 1967). The grand finale to the entire broadcast showcased the CSIRO Parkes Telescope with the Observatory Director, John Bolton, observing the Quasar 0237-23 (which at the time was the most distant object known). The image above shows John Bolton monitoring the chart recorder while, in the background, Dennis Gill operated the telescope (image credit: CSIRO).
More information, and video of the Parkes segment of the broadcast, are available.

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