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31st of August 2017
ASKAP-12 HI imaging of the NGC7232 group
by Karen Lee-Waddell (CASS)
The optical image, above, is of the NGC 7232 galaxy triplet from the Digitised Sky Survey (DSS). Click on the image to see a movie showing ASKAP-12 total intensity HI contours of the field from recent WALLABY early science observations. Combining multi-epoch data provides higher sensitivity in the HI maps enabling the detection of extended structure and new gas-rich features. This figure demonstrates how radio and optical observations work together to show different characteristics of the same galaxies.

The movie cycles through the contours for one night (red), two combined nights (yellow), four combined nights (green), 6 combined nights (cyan) and then the outer contour of the aforementioned combinations for comparison. All HI data has been processed using ASKAPsoft.

Image and movie credit: Karen Lee-Waddell and WALLABY processing team.

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