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8th of November 2018
3C 17: The Brightest Galaxy of a newly identified Cluster
by Juan Madrid
3C 17 is a broad-line radio galaxy that also shows strong indications of interaction with its environment. The kiloparsec-scale radio morphology of 3C 17 is dominated by a single-sided, dramatically curved jet described by Morganti et al. (1999). The images above were obtained with the Gemini Multi Object Spectrograph. The blue contours show the 5 GHz VLA map kindly provided by Raffaella Morganti. Galaxies selected for spectroscopy are labeled with their slit number. Medium-resolution spectra were obtained for 39 objects in the field of the radio galaxy 3C 17. With the new Gemini spectra we were able to determine that 3C 17 is the Brightest Cluster Galaxy (BCG) of a previously uncataloged cluster that we identify at a mean redshift of z=0.220. The discovery of a cluster of galaxies around 3C 17 better explains the sharply bent morphology of the radio jet given that it propagates through a dense intracluster medium. The full results are published in the Astrophysical Journal Supplement.

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