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10th of July 2018
RadioAstron 7th Anniversary
The RadioAstron satellite, Spektr-R, was launched 7 years ago this month. The satellite was placed in a ~9 day orbit around the Earth -- which takes it most of the way to the moon's orbit. The fact that the satellite comes close to the moon on occasions perturbs the satellite's orbit, with the apogee and perigee heights changing with time. The RadioAstron satellite can participate in space VLBI observations in the 327 MHz, 1.6 GHz, 4.8 GHz and 22 GHz bands. The 1.6 GHz receiver on the satellite was designed by the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics (the predecessor to ATNF) with the support of CSIRO Office of Space Science and Applications (COSSA) and manufactured by British Aerospace Australia, with the low-noise amplifier built by Mitec Ltd Australia. The image above shows Dave Jauncey, former co-chair of the RadioAstron International Science Council, in front of the Spektr-R telescope as it underwent deployment tests prior to its launch in 2011. (Image credit: Carl Gwinn)

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