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16th of March 2018
Return to Potts Hill
by Harry Wendt
Campbell Wade came to Australia in December 1957 after completing his PhD at Harvard, on a Research Fellowship with Radiophysics that Joe Pawsey and Bark Bok were influential in setting up. During his fellowship, he conducted observations at Potts Hill with Jim Hindman using the 11-m Transit Telescope. They examined some sources at 1400 MHz and published results on the Eta Carina Nebula and Centaurus A in the Australian Journal of Physics. On completion of his fellowship, he returned to the US and took up a position with NRAO and now having retired he lives in Alburquerque, New Mexico in the US. After an absence of 60 years, he returned to Potts Hill to visit the site and see the restored receiver hut in which he worked. The image shows Campbell pointing out the wheel he had to crank on the 11-m telescope to change the declination!

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