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21st of November 2018
Parkes UWL results
by Dick Manchester
The plot above represents the first fully calibrated results from National Facility scheduled observing time with the Ultra-Wideband Low (UWL) receiver at Parkes. The observations were made last week, on Monday night, Nov 12, Australian time. The plot shows the polarization profile of the Double-Pulsar MSP (PSR J0737-3039A), integrated over the entire UWL band (704 – 4032 MHz) (less channel zapping for RFI and anti-aliasing) and over the 2.5h observation. The details of the polarization variations across the pulse agree well with previous observations using the 20cm MB and 10/50cm receivers. The team have also shown that the pulse timing is correct, at least to within a micro-second or two. While these results show that the UWL system is performing well, much work remains to fully commission other observing modes, to improve some aspects of the signal processing (including RFI adaptive filtering) and to fully commission the new Parkes Telescope Operating System.

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