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22nd of February 2018
Culgoora Radioheliograph, from the CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive
The image above, dating from 1968, is taken from the CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive and shows sunset behind one of the antennas of the Culgoora radio-heliograph. The radio-heliograph had 96 antennas distributed around a ring of diameter 3 km. It was used for 17 years from 1967, to study radio waves from the sun producing an unprecedented high angular resolution image every second. The radioheliograph operated initially at a frequency of 80 MHz, and was later expanded to operate at 160 MHz.
The CSIRO Radio Astronomy Image Archive includes over 22,000 digital images. Of these about 15,000 are historical images that were taken by professional CSIRO photographers between 1943 and 1996 and which have been digitised at high resolution. The archive can be accessed from the CASS headquarters in Marsfield, with a web interface expected to be available later this year.

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