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1st of February 2019
A candidate microquasar in NGC 300
by Urquhart et al.
Urquhart et al. have reported the discovery of a powerful candidate microquasar in the nearby spiral galaxy NGC 300. Chandra images show four discrete X-ray knots aligned in the plane of the sky over a length of 150 pc. The X-ray core, if present at all, does not stand out above the thermal emission of the knots: this suggests that the accreting compact object is either currently in a dim state or occulted from our view. Observations with the Australia Telescope Compact Array revealed an elongated radio nebula (about 170 × 55 pc in size) with its major axis aligned with the chain of Chandra sources. The morphology, size and luminosity of the extended X-ray, optical and radio structure suggest that NGC 300-S 10 is a new member of a small class of powerful microquasars which includes SS433. Full details are available in the paper, published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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