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2nd of October 2019
An ATCA survey of HI absorption in the SMC
by Jameson et al.
Jameson et al. have presented the results from a new Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) HI absorption survey towards 55 sources in the Small Magellanic Cloud. They combined the new ATCA (interferometric) data with archival Parkes (single-dish) data to produce a spectrum of the HI emission for each source, and the ATCA data to search for absorption features. The image above shows the map of detected continuum sources. Sources with detected absorption are represented by colored circles, where the color indicates peak absorption (color scale, bottom left), and circle size represents the source strength. Sources with no detected absorption are shown as grey circles with crosses. The background gray scale image shows the column density of HI (assuming optically thin emission), and the main body of the galaxy is indicated by the black contour line. The HI appears to be evenly distributed throughout the SMC and absorption was detected in 67% of the lines of sight in the sample, including some outside the main body of the galaxy. More information is give in the the data in the paper to be published in the Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series.

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