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4th of July 2019
ASKAP localisation of a Fast Radio Burst
by Bannister et al.
In a paper published in Science, Bannister et al. describe observations with ASKAP to determine the precise location of a Fast Radio Burst (FRB). A real-time search pipeline identified the milli-second duration burst in the data 281 ms after its arrival, triggering the download of several seconds of buffered data containing the burst. Subsequent processing of that data allowed the FRB to be localised to the outskirts of a Milky Way-sized galaxy about 3.6 billion light-years away. The FRB itself is shown in the image above (where the burst has been de-dispersed, i.e., the arrival times at all frequencies are the same). Two bands around 1200 MHz are regions flagged due to radio-frequency interference in the data. The strong spectral modulation is similar to the previous FRBs detected with ASKAP, suggesting that they belong to the same population. More details are given in the paper by Bannister et al.

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