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6th of December 2019
50th Anniversary of Apollo 12
November marked the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 12 mission. The aim of the mission was to land close to the site of the Surveyor III, which had landed on the Moon in 1967. Apollo 11 had overshot its intended landing-place, so the plan to land close to the Surveyor spacecraft was downplayed before the mission, in case they landed too far away to be able to walk to it! There was interest in recovering some components from the Surveyor spacecraft for analysis, including samples of the aluminium tubing and electrical cables, a piece of glass, and the sapcecraft's TV camera. Finally, they collected some of the rocks which had been examined by the Surveyor spacecraft in 1967. The iamge above shows Pete Conrad at the Surveyor III site, showing how successful the Apollo 12 Lunar Module had been in landing nearby. More details are given in Hamish Lindsay's essay on the Apollo 12 mission on the Honeysuckle Creek website.

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