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6th of March 2019
The ASKAP operations team has recently made data from an EMU cosmology survey available from CASDA (the CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive). These data were observed during the ASKAP early science program using a sub-array of 16 antennas. This data release consists of 10 separate fields of roughly 30 square degrees each. ASKAP was configured with 240 MHz of bandwidth at a centre frequency of 912 MHz using 36 beams in a 6x6 square configuration with 0.9-degree beam spacing. Visibilities were recorded with 18.5 kHz frequency resolution and 10 second time resolution. Each field was observed for 200 minutes without interleaving. The RMS noise level is 150 microJy/beam using the default ASKAPsoft pipeline and a robust weighting of -0.5. This release includes the calibrated visibilities as CASA measurement sets at 18.5 kHz resolution, allowing additional spectral line processing. This is possible due to the small number of antennas available for early science and may not be possible with larger file sizes from the full array in the future. Released ASKAP data can be obtained from the CSIRO Data Access Portal, with this cosmology survey data available under project ID AS034. Some quick instructions are given below and more detailed documentation is available in the CASDA Users Guide .

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