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6th of May 2019
Mode switching and oscillations in PSR B1828-11
(by Stairs et al.)
Most pulsars spin down at a steady rate, however the young pulsar PSR B1828−11 has long been known to show correlated shape and spin-down changes with timescales of roughly 500 and 250 days, perhaps associated with large-scale magnetospheric switching. Stairs et al. present multi-hour observations with the Parkes and Green Bank Telescopes at multiple phases across the ∼500-day cycle and show that the pulsar undergoes mode-changing between two stable, extreme profile states. The fraction of time spent in each profile state, and the variable rate of the mode transitions are directly related to the spin-down changes. The image above shows the intensity as a function of pulse phase and time/subintegration for a Parkes observation on 2000 March 30. The 10% of pulse phase surrounding the pulse is displayed. Six transitions between wide (fainter) and narrow (brighter) states can be readily identified. Full results are published in the paper published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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