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7th of March 2019
Parkes Pulsar discoveries
Burgay et al. report on the discovery of six pulsars in the intermediate-latitude region (galactic latitudes < 15 degrees) of the Parkes High Time Resolution Universe Survey (HTRU), together with timing solutions for and additional 19 previously reported pulsars. Highlights of the presented sample include the isolated millisecond pulsar J1826-2415, the long-period binary pulsar J1837-0822 in a mildly eccentric 98-day orbit, and the nulling pulsar J1638-4233, detected only 10% of the time. The new discoveries bring the total count of HTRU intermediate-latitude pulsars to 113, 25% of which are recycled pulsars. This is the highest ratio of recycled over ordinary pulsars discoveries of all recent pulsar surveys in this region of the sky. The image above shows integrated pulse profiles for three pulsars in the sample of 25, showing a diversity of pulse shapes. The top left corner gives the source name and the integration time contributing to the pulse profile, and the top right corner shows the spin period in seconds and the dispersion measure in pc/cm^3.

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