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17th of December 2019
SKA meeting in Shanghai
The SKA community converged on Shanghai last month for the annual SKA Meeting. The focus of the meeting was on the immediate and long-term future of the SKA telescopes, from procurement to commissioning and operations. In addition to design previews and talks on precursor, pathfinder and peer projects, there were sessions on the latest developments towards the network of SKA Science Regional Centres (SRCs). These SRCs will be supercomputing facilities dotted around the globe that will be processing and hosting hundreds of petabytes of data, acting as the final interface with the end users, namely the scientists and astronomers. Each day commenced with a science talk, addressing major topics in the SKA’s science case, delivered by an astronomer in that field. A large delegation attended from Australia, presenting results from the work of the design consortia, and the pathfinder and precursor telescopes including the MWA and ASKAP.

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