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23rd of April 2019
CTA Constorium meeting
The CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) is a transformational next step in ground-based TeV (10^12 electron-volt) gamma-ray astronomy. It will utilise the successful methods employed by H.E.S.S. and others in the field via an array of about 100 imaging Cherenkov telescopes in the Southerm Hemisphere located at Paranal, Chile, with a smaller array in the Northern Hemisphere at La Palma, Canary Islands. The CTA will cover a wide energy range, from about 20 GeV to well over 100 TeV. A two day workshop is being held at the University of Sydney this week to disuss Australia's role in CTA and linkages with Australian activities in other areas of astronomy. The connections with radio astronomy will be explored in talks on the ASKAP EMU and GASKAP surveys, and with results at mm wavelengths from the Mopra telescope.

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