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28th of March 2019
Pulsar quiet-mode modulations
by Yan et al.
The pulsar PSR J1825−0935 has a pulse profile with a main pulse and a fainter inter-pulse, and is known to switch between radio-quiet and radio-bright modes. The quiet mode has a periodic fluctuation that modulates both the interpulse and the main pulse with the same period. Previous investigators proposed that the periodic quiet-mode modulation is associated with drifting subpulses, however, Yan et al. have used the Parkes 64-m radio telescope to show that the periodic Q-mode modulation is in fact a periodic and phase-locked longitude-stationary intensity modulation occurring in the interpulse and the main pulse. The modulation period is about 43 times the 769 millisecond rotation period of the pulsar. Yan et al. suggest that this periodic modulations in the quiet-mode results from periodic fluctuations in the magnetospheric field currents of the pulsar.

The plot above shows the pulse energy variations for the interpulse (IP, upper panel) and the main pulse (MP, lower panel) for observations on 2014 August 20. More details are given in the paper to be published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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