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30th of July 2019
Welcome Vanessa Moss
Vanessa Moss joined CASS last month, where her role is focused on operations for ASKAP and ATCA. Prior to this, she was based at ASTRON in the Netherlands in the role of observatory astronomer, working with both the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) and Apertif (a phased-array-feed upgrade to the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope). She was also the Head of Apertif Telescope Operations (HATO), in charge of overseeing the transition of Apertif from commissioning to full operations starting July 2019. She did her PhD as a co-supervised CASS student with the University of Sydney, studying the Milky Way as a Galactic ecosystem of neutral hydrogen infall and outflow, and then a postdoc as part of ASKAP FLASH (the First Large Absorption Survey in HI) searching for HI absorption in distant galaxies. She enjoys working on visualising and analysing complex data and using programming (especially Python) to improve all aspects of data flow through a system. On the astronomy research side, she is leading two projects: SEAFOG, a collaboration between eROSITA and FLASH to study the connection between X-ray and HI absorption near central black holes of active galaxies, and SWISH, a project to study the faint diffuse hydrogen of the Milky Way halo alongside collaborators linking this to halo metal lines detected in ultraviolet absorption with HST. She is excited to be working with all of the ATNF facilities and the telescope data associated with them as part of her new role here at CASS.

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